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Effect of this therapy music

Ancient knowledge, based on the latest scientific findings in brain research, to activate self-healing powers and create resilience. Healing frequencies (solfeggio) woven into wonderful words, 

sounds and music full of love.

At your choice with or without a guided mental journey in the first music track in German.

As an introduction to meditation, to deep relaxation.

The words and the music of Solfeggio Therapia take you on a wonderful, beneficial journey to activate your mental self-healing powers.

This music resonates with our body and supports it in a loving, enveloping and positive way.

Beneficial for body, mind and soul. Come to rest and serenity.

Bringing stability into yourself and staying in it. To be good to yourself.

To recharge your batteries in order to face the daily small and large challenges.

To be able to master these well, especially in today's world.

This therapy music is a tool to do something good and wholesome for yourself,

and thus to take personal responsibility - for yourself. Balm for body, mind and soul.

May this music, these sounds and frequencies give you support in a pleasant way and accompany you so that your path is and will be an easy one.

About me

Ulrike Rothe comes from the field of anesthesia and intensive care medicine and worked in maximum therapy clinics in Germany, 

later she was head of one Vocational school for medicine, 

is a teacher and lecturer.

Today she works with seriously ill children, adults and relatives in their homes, supports them mentally and professionally in their daily challenges.

This is precisely why this therapy music by Ulrike Rothe with its words, sounds and frequencies is beautiful, positive and uplifting.

With this background, their experiences, and the intention of patients, this wonderful, healing therapy music was created. A positive companion at home for everyone, 

big and small. Look up medical Notice / Application

Further reading: Dr. Marcus Täuber, neurobiologist

"How to activate mental self-healing with findings from brain research".

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        Audio sample 

Gliding in the deep ocean blue 

(Music WITH guided German mental journey) 

Gliding in the deep ocean blue 

(WITHOUT guided mental Journey, instrumental) 

Float in infinity, instrumental

Dearest, instrumental

Sound of golden Afrika, instrumental

Eye of Eos, instrumental

Application / Medical Notice 

Users reported that 30 days of daily use gave them special and lasting support. They stated that they used them, for example, when falling asleep, but also like to accompany them during conversations. Or use it consciously for meditations, yoga and other relaxing exercises.

It is reported that therapists use the Therapia Solfeggio music to support / intensify during the treatments of patients.

It was also reported that children with AHDS, people with dementia, chronically ill and overworked people, caring relatives particularly benefit from it. It is also used for depression and burnout syndrome. Strengthen yourself, your own center and balance.Feeling free and happy.

It is about strengthening one's own self-worth (in the sense of “what am I worth to myself” to do this for myself) and self-love, which is something wonderful (this is how you can love others too). Users / clients perceived this therapy music as "a little therapist at home" with regular use. 

For diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition, you should consult your doctor or therapist. The applied mental journey, sounds, frequencies, music etc. are not a substitute for medical examinations / therapies or medicines.

You can use these in a supportive and prophylactic sense, as well as accompany therapies in the case of existing illnesses, or after illness to support recovery, and for your own well-being. We assume no liability for your independent use of the therapy music. There is an exclusion of liability. By downloading the therapy music, you confirm this and agree to it.


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